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 a young waorani man lays drunk from beer bought for the community by the state oil company petroamazonas
 Beto plays with a balsawood plane made by his father.  Airplanes like this were used by Christian Missionaries to make first contact with the Waorani in 1956. 
 a drunk Waorani man sets up a roadblock, barring oil company trucks from passing late in the night
 Obe washes her basket before filling it with clean yucca root
 a littered bottle of purified water rests in a pool of crude oil at an oil well abandoned by Texaco
 Lago Agrio, former forest territory of the Kofán people
 an Ecuadorian  soldier takes photos of the Waorani
 Miguel carves a canoe oar
 two waorani girls seek an internet connection
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